Yoga And Meditation


Defining yourself through thought is limiting yourself.

Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth: 90)



Yoga and meditation have become a "home base" for me over the last few years - a way of being that allows me to be in contact with myself and to approach the wonderful and the difficult moments of life with more serenity and acceptance. But most of all: to experience true joy, especially when practicing letting go of old beliefs for a while... such as deeply ingrained beliefs taught by the achievement-oriented culture in which we live (and of which I have been a representative at times) or the habituation that comes with the high-paced speed of a society strongly oriented towards the rational-analytical. 

I have been teaching yoga and meditation - with much joy and playfulness - occasionally since 2018, and I enjoy passing on what I have learned over the years from great teachers and guides. Trained and certified in the more sweaty tradition of vinyasa by Timo Wahl and his team in Frankfurt (AYA 200h), I teach vinyasa as well as calmer flow versions and classical hatha. I have also been trained as a restorative yoga teacher in the United States in 2019 by Tara Lemerise. My inspirations also come from the wonderful Adriene as well as from experiences with mindfulness and meditation courses (MBSR 2020 with Renate Herzig, EIAB 2022). When it comes to practicing yoga and meditation, I believe that the key is this: to make sure that you are always in healthy alignment with regard to what your body can and cannot do, and to find a good balance between challenging yourself and allowing yourself space and release.  


I am happy to teach in German and English equally, and I have gained experience as a teacher at the Studio for Bewegung in Niederrad, the TG Sachsenhausen, the Frankfurt ZuBaKa summer camp (for children from outside Germany), Fitness First Bonn, the German Institut of Development and Sustainability in Bonn as well as on several occasions upon request by friends and colleagues. 


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in yoga and meditation sessions for yourself or for a group (adults and children)!