Under Construction

(but aren't we all!)


My "interim title" has become so dear to me that I have indeed decided to keep it!


Most of us know it well: this sometimes nagging feeling to be "under construction" - to be neither here nor there, to feel unsure of yourself or your next step, or to feel stuck in uncertainty and muddy waters. If you are looking for a competent and spirited travel companion for part of the way that lies ahead of you, welcome! Either as coach or yoga & meditation teacher (or both!), I will support you in (re-)gaining your balance between being and becoming. I am most but certainly not exclusively equipped to working with academics as well as so called "Jacks and Jackies of all trades" - with all the special challenges that life in academia as well as the refusal to become a master of only one trade entails.


Contact me for a short consultation without charge so that we can find out if your request is something I am suited to help you with and if our personality styles are a good match!

This is what I offer

About me

As a typical scanner personality I am enthusiastic about many things I consider meaningful. I am happiest, however, when my work espouses a strong element of being in connection with other people – as a sparring partner, as a team leader and instructor, as a yoga teacher. This is why I left a good decade of academic life behind me and chose a patchwork life that suits my different interests and passions. While working part-time for a humanitarian aid organization as a project manager and team leader from 2021 to 2023 (here), I gradually developed my freelance career as systemic coach and trainer (certified at isb). I am currently the academic coordinator of the research center TraCe (Transformations of Political Violence), and I have also been a yoga teacher since 2018. I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and I offer coaching and training sessions off- and online. If you would like to know more, find me on LinkedIn here. And if you are curious about multipotentialism, find my (German) considerations about this here at tbd*.